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Welcome to the Food Pilgrims!

If you are one that loves your food, travels, and seeing the best of what the world has to offer, you have come to the right place. We say WELCOME fellow foodie, and we hope you enjoy as we unwrap the hidden culinary treasures of the world.

Now’s your chance to join Gian and Pasquale on their latest pilgrimages around the globe as we launch the all-new Food Pilgrims youtube channel and food travel blog. You're going to be wowed by what food and travel gems are out there to be found, as you become part of the Food Pilgrims' journeys. Sharing with you the ‘must tries’ and ‘can’t wait to visit’ food and travel gems.  

Through our collective years of hospitality experience and travel adventures, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge ready to be shared. We believe food is at the soul of every great culture and we want to uncover the people, the stories, the places and the eats that make that so.

So, who’s hungry to unwrap some of the great hidden food and travel gems the world has to offer? What are you waiting for… Subscribe, follow and join us on our journeys and become a fellow food pilgrim today!

Meet the pilgrims

Gian Bohan
The passionate foodie and travel dreamer
Pasquale Pollio
Naples born and bred!
Joe Hewett-Hobson
Writing it ;)
Jacob Greatorex
Writing it ;)